Welcome to Ask Dr. Perry. I am so happy to have you here. Consider this a space where you are free to ask and discuss the topics you would ask you Ob-Gyn if you could. As a practicing physician, I know that we are not able to cover all of your issues and concerns in a single 15 minute office visit. Believe me, its frustrating to us as well. This leads to patient dissatisfaction and possibly sub-optimal patient care. Unfortunately, physician face a lot of pressure to get our patients “in and out”. Whether its from insurance companies, hospital administrators or other patients who have been waiting too long in the waiting room, a rushed patient visit serves no one. This leads to the inevitable “doorknob questions.”

Doorknob questions are the questions and issues that a patient mentions at the conclusion of her visit that may be completely unrelated. We dread these questions because we don’t have the time to properly address them and the patient leaves the office feeling unsatisfied.

Well this forum is the solution to that problem! Here we will discuss common topics that come up in women’s health time and time again. Please chime in, send me your questions, opinions and experiences as well discuss topics that are relevant to you. Feel free to suggest topics and initiate discussions.

Of course,  I cannot personally “treat everyone in this forum, but we can open a dialogue that you can bring to your healthcare provider or provide more insight into your situation that you may not fully understand.

So ladies, let’s get this going!

Dr.  Perry

Women’s Health Physician